Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Is our Driving on the road represents us

Many of us who live here experience it every day. Rash and undisciplined driving is the most common thing that you can see every morning. For those who come once in a way may be it is a real nightmare.

Why? Many of us attribute this to people. Is that the only thing, I guess there is much more to that.

Infrastructure, Psychological atmosphere representing lack of Discipline, Education & Learning. Public as whole.


Roads- can we make it wider and wider. I guess no, so there should be good public transport system. I guess Train is the best (MRT for city area) is the burning need. Government should think about this, as an individual you can do much.


Psychological atmosphere representing lack of Discipline:

If you are living in Sri Lanka, you might have watched TV advert by Maliban (for those who have not seen it I will try to find it and upload to YouTube, If anyone has please do so and publish the link here). The result of that advert is that any one who crosses a road today generally raise their hand to signal the on coming drivers. This means if we teach they will learn.

"A delay on your side does not necessarily make a rush on my side" is it true?- well if you get to that trisho (three wheel) 20 minutes late and ask him to take you to destination, what would he do! He is doing a business and would try to deliver your demand. If you travel by bus, do you like a slow driver or one who takes you there on time. Someone told me if the politicos in the country are bad it shows how the people in the country as they represent public. No matter whether you are a driver, pedestrian or passenger you can equally contribute to the betterment or worse.

So next time when we see a rash driver, we may need to think who is responsible. Perhaps it is all about us and it is time we question is it me?

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